Preventative Care Checklist

Canadian Collaboration for Immigrant and Refugee Health (CCIRH) created an evidence-based preventative care checklist for new immigrants and refugees. This resource is intended for use by primary care practitioners. The checklist is sorted by country of origin:

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Calgary Lab Forms (English)

General Laboratory Requisition

Mobile Services Collection Requisition

Microbiology Requisition

Malaria History Form

Anatomic Pathology Community Requisition

Rapid HIV Test Requisition

PADIS Medical Toxicology Clinic Requisition

Flow Cytometry Requisition


AHS Lab Forms (Southern Alberta)

Laboratory/microbiology request

Virology Requisition

Serology Requisition

Culture and Serology Requisition

ProvLab Reference Requisition

Laboratory blood and body fluid exposure requisition

Bone Marrow request form